Rabbi David Oler
Rabbi David Oler

Dear Visitor,

Welcome! I am glad that you are taking an interest in our special Jewish community - the New Reform Congregation Kadima. As its founding rabbi, beginning in the spring of 2010, I am proud of what Kadima has become in a very short time and excited about what we envision for its future.

People from throughout the North Shore and beyond are responsive to our approach to Jewish life, which emphasizes free thought about religious ideology and personal choice in observance. Everyone is welcomed regardless of religious background and personal theological outlook. Most of our members are searching for a progressive approach to religion and its role in their lives. We emphasize religious naturalism - an understanding of physical and human existence consistent with scientific knowledge, coupled with a serious desire for spiritual and emotional growth inspired by the resources and practices of Jewish tradition and the values of religion. Our members and their children are encouraged to aspire to fulfill their potential for goodness and kindness, as well as for autonomy and justice as taught by Judaism. We do not approach religion as having authority over us but as a treasured resource for our personal growth.

Therefore, Jewish learning, textual and experiential, for all age groups, is a priority at Kadima, as is our commitment to social action. At services and in adult classes, as in the religious school, everyone’s viewpoint is respected and emphasis is placed on opportunities for dialogue and the practical application of our learning to our personal lives. Our liturgy consists of traditional and creative selections that are consistent with our philosophical approach and spiritual aspirations.

Once a month we have a family Shabbat service and dinner for people of all ages in the Congregation. Many of our holidays are celebrated together in the context of a communal meal.

On Shabbat mornings we have an adult discussion group followed by Torah study, providing an especially warm and comfortable environment where everyone is encouraged to feel welcome. We enjoy being a small congregation with an intimate and hospitable atmosphere in which people can become readily known to one another, feel respected for who they are and valued as part of our community. You will be able to find your place comfortably in our congregation.

The Board is very concerned to make it as easy as possible for people to experience what we are about and to become an integral part of our Congregation. We seek your affiliation, but even more importantly your involvement and active participation in the fabric of our community.

It is my priority to be accessible and available as a resource to our members, and I encourage you to contact me at 847-229-9500 or rabbi@nrck.org if I may be of assistance to you or with any questions you may have about the New Reform Congregation Kadima.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Rabbi David Oler