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A great evening

Everyone is invited to a Community Seder sponsored by The New Reform Congregation Kadima on the second night of Passover Tuesday, April 23 at 6:00 PM

The New Reform Congregation Kadima was founded in 2010 in Deerfield to provide a  community in the Chicago/Northshore area for people seeking a Jewish path emphasizing  spiritual development rather than traditional theological belief. The Congregation draws inspiration from Jewish tradition for personal transformation.  Congregation Kadima is affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism while maintaining its emphasis on religious naturalism, that is a commitment to spirituality despite doubts about  traditional supernatural faith.  

“Kadima” is a Hebrew term connoting forward movement and progressive change, and the  Congregation seeks to create such transformation through studying Jewish ethics, fostering  personal reflection and engaging in social justice activities. The Rabbi, Dr. David Oler, is also a  clinical psychologist and in his teaching emphasizes Tikun Atzmi, personal self-repair, and Tikun  Olam, the responsibility to repair the world by practicing justice and harmonious living, central  concerns of Jewish life. He has recently completed another doctoral dissertation focusing on the pursuit of spirituality in a context of religious naturalism for the degree of Doctor of Hebrew Letters at Hebrew Union College.

The rabbi teaches an adult class on Saturday mornings, Jewish Ethics for Personal  Transformation, which draws on Mussar literature, a compendium of ethical principles  developed over the course of Jewish history.  

The Congregation sponsors Shabbat services and dinners, a variety of social and cultural  activities, and is engaged in feeding the homeless, and working for racial justice and the protection of the environment.  

The religious school meets on Saturday mornings and offers a parallel approach to Jewish living  for children and youth.  

Many of our classes, services and programs are offered online as well as in person. Kadima uses rented facilities, maintaining low overhead, enabling the Congregation to be sustained with moderate membership fees. People from all backgrounds are most welcome at Kadima.  To reserve for the Seder or learn more about the Congregation contact the office at (847) 229-9500 or email You can also learn more about the Congregation at

We server Deerfield, Riverwoods, Highland Park, Wilmette, Winnetka and the greater Chicagoland Area.