Shalom! Welcome to the New Reform Congregation Kadima, a warm, inclusive, caring community committed to Reform Judaism from a progressive perspective. At Kadima, religion is about aspiring to be the best human beings we can be. Our name, which means “forward,” expresses our progressive approach to Judaism and to how we function as a congregation. We are distinguished by our creative, contemporary liturgy, vibrant, child-friendly religious school, and extensive involvement in community service.

Congregation Kadima is more than a local synagogue. Because of our unique ideology and distinctive character, we draw from a wide geographic radius. We are committed to pluralism. Everyone is welcome, and intermarried families are warmly received and participate fully in congregational life. Our congregants are diverse, freethinking, and friendly. We enjoy learning, celebrating, serving, and socializing together.

Congregation Kadima– You’ll be glad you found us!