Congregation & School Mission Statements

Congregation Kadima’s Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide for our members and their children, regardless of cultural background, opportunities for spiritual growth and character development, through the pursuit of knowledge and understanding, sensitivity in interpersonal relations and pursuing deeds of loving kindness. We draw inspiration primarily from Jewish sources and offer a spiritual home to seekers with doubts regarding conventional religious ideas and practices. We affirm pluralism and respect for diversity and invite all kindred spirits to join us.

Specifically, we undertake the following goals:

1) Striving to be more humane and compassionate, patient and kind; to pursue truth and justice.

2) Deepening our commitment to social action programs that foster our spiritual growth through helping others.

3) Studying meaningful sources, such as the Torah and other Jewish literature, as we explore fundamental questions about human existence and ethics.

4) Celebrating together our life cycle events, as well as the Shabbat and Jewish holidays, using liturgy consistent with our ideology.

5) Offering opportunities for introspection and sharing.

6) Developing a caring community based on mutual values and aspirations.

7) Providing a religious school that parallels the program of the congregation, teaching its perspective and ensuring that students are familiar with Hebrew and with Jewish tradition.

8) Strengthening our connections with the larger Jewish and general community.

9) Respecting the religious and ritual freedom of all congregants.

Congregation Kadima’s Religious School Mission Statement

The mission of Kadima’s Religious School parallels that of the congregation: imparting Jewish values, engaging students in the quest for knowledge and understanding, and providing opportunities for spiritual growth and character development.

We emphasize Jewish thought, history, Hebrew language, liturgy, holidays, and customs as observed in our congregation. In addition, we familiarize our students, regardless of their own cultural background, with traditional Jewish practices so that they can function comfortably in varied Jewish settings. Our educational methods focus on empowerment of students' independent critical thinking, respect for diversity, and freedom of thought and belief. Students are actively involved in their own learning through open discussion, music, art, drama, and social action.

We foster a sense of community in a warm, supportive and enjoyable atmosphere in which children can explore and strengthen their Jewish identity and humanity. We see an advantage in our children having a Jewish education that provides an alternative to peer group, allowing them to function independently with peers at both Kadima and those at their regular schools. Ongoing interaction among our students discourages negative peer pressure, enabling their being more thoughtful, seeking of learning, and self sufficient.